About Us




Domestic Angels were an absolute pleasure to work with!

Domestic Angels has its heart in one concept: people. Our Angels are strongly people-focused, enjoying the relationships they build with clients and remaining firmly aware they are not simply doing a job, but visiting someone’s home.

“Hello, I’m Deb and I am the Manager of Domestic Angels Christchurch

I believe that we at Domestic Angels have a duty to provide the best service to our clients.

My main passion behind joining Domestic Angels is not only to provide a good service, but that we really do care about our clients too.
We are here for all your cleaning needs, perhaps you work full-time and just want your weekends back, perhaps you want more family time or maybe the cleaning just gets on top of you and you would like some help. Or perhaps you require our home-help/befriending service that can help with simple day to day tasks that unfortunately can become more difficult as you get older.
Having your own Angel visit can make staying in your own home manageable. It also brings with it that companionship and having someone to share their weekly news with can be a joy.

If you would like to talk to me about any of our services to see how we can help, then please do give me a call or drop me an email.

We look forward to helping in your home.”

More than just cleaners

The greatest testament of the Domestic Angels’ approach was the suggestion from a client’s relative that we would be perfect to provide more personal care. As a result we offer home help for people who need daily visits to make life both easier and more sociable.

Professional, friendly and reliable – that’s Domestic Angels. We don’t have halos but we will leave your home looking divine!

Find out how we can help in your home,
call now on 07712 407 164 or e-mail deb@domestic-angels.com

I would personally recommend Domestic Angels for their services not only because of the work they do but because of the level of professionalism they display!